I live in rural Nebraska where the sunrises are so beautiful you know that God himself has kissed the morning sky. My kids tell me I'm a dork but I like to think of myself as 'quirky'. I like to pretend I know exactly what is going on (and I can be pretty good at convincing you that I do). I'm always seeking, always learning and I have a splash of spontaneity buried deep inside.

I'm a huge fan of camp fires, the lake, pancakes with peanut butter, and books. Some people love shoes...I love books! I'm also a huge fan of the Bible. Each day I walk in faith, knowing that God has great plans for me and I strive every day to live in a way that honors him.

This is where I document my thoughts, beliefs, notions, ideas, dreams, ponderings, and reflections. Glad to have you here. I hope you stay a while.

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