Wednesday, July 29, 2015

This one is for you Katie :)

The other day I heard a lady yelling, "Can't! Shouldn't! Couldn't! Wasn't! Don't!Won't!"

She was having contractions. :)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Remodeling Adventure Continues

 Once we officially decided on taking all the half walls down, Dwight began counting how many return air vents, outlets and light switches he would have to move. Gosh he is a good sport!

Throughout the entire house the return air vents were at the top of the walls which I thought was really strange, so all those were moved down to floor level. They are much easier to hide behind furniture that way. :)

 Three of the walls came down quickly. This one however had several light switches and the thermostat involved so it took a bit more thought. 


I love how it opened up the rooms. If it were up to me I'd knock down that wall you see in the picture below and have it completely open.
(* That is a load bearing wall and we can't knock it down. I asked.*)  :)



Make every day your masterpiece

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

"Someday I'm going to volunteer in my community."

"I'm going to take the kids to the movies sometime soon."

"I'd go to church if it didn't start so early."

"As soon as things slow down I'm going to call my friend I haven't spoken to in ages."

Good  intentions are great but the problem with "someday" statements is that sometimes someday never comes. Kids grow up, opportunities vanish, and relationships fade. 

Each of us has 24 hours a day. We choose how to spend it. Don't look at time as a negative thing. Think of it as a gift from God. Sort through your own priorities and think how God would want you to use his gift of time in your own life. 

Make that phone call. Go see that movie. Set the alarm for a little earlier. Get your name on the volunteer list.  

All hard work brings a profit
      but mere talk leads only to poverty. 
                                       Proverbs 14:23 

Thursday, July 23, 2015


It's so hard for people to accept a compliment. 

* "You look great in that color"
**"Yeah if only I didn't have such a big butt"

Stop it!

We all say those negative things about ourselves and sometimes we believe what we say and other times we're looking for validation of being wrong. 

It makes my heart sad when I hear someone say "I am so stupid".  Especially when I hear a child say it. Hmmm... I wonder where they heard that?....
(By the way, I do NOT like the word stupid. It's one of those words that carries such weight. It's an ugly word.)

It's time to declare today as a 'I'm a great person' day!!

Vow to yourself that today only positive words will be spoken about yourself and everyone around you! Today you will gush over yourself and when you look in the mirror, give yourself a one eyed eyebrow raise and say 'Hey there, you are one fine person.'  :)

                ENJOY YOUR DAY!