Thursday, November 17, 2016


The United States is the ONE place in the world where every person has a voice in the democratic process. Regardless if the candidate I voted for won or lost, I had a voice in the process. 

I've never seen this type of hatred throughout America, whether it be on television, in conversations in our local communities and especially on social media. There has been racism and bigotry for centuries but it's different when you have people in leadership roles that empower people to think it's acceptable to have an intolerance against those who have differing beliefs than he does. 

I believe in the good of the human race. And I truly believe there are so many incredibly good people in this world who are overlooked because of the antipathy that is spreading in our culture and even worse, this xenophobia mentality is becoming accepted. There seems to be a "good vs. bad" outlook in our nation.  

We need to find our voices to speak out. We cannot be silent against the shift in our culture. This is not a game. This is our real life and we need to be a part of the change toward understanding, acceptance and benignity of other's differences from our own.

I refuse to let other's hate and ignorance stop me from doing what I know to be right.

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