Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sister trip

Take a sister trip - or a sibling trip. 
Don't let those excuses delay you. 'When the kids leave home we will..'   'When I retire we will...'   'When it's better timing at work we will...'

Relationships take work, even relationships with your family. Maybe even more so because we tend to take those relationships for granted. Relationships evolve as we get older. 

It can be something crazy fancy or a camping trip in the mountains or just lock yourself in your house for the weekend and talk.

Although the location was amazing, the truth is, the location wasn't what mattered when my sister and I took our trip. It was the experience of spending time with my sister as two adult women. As sisters one would think we know everything about each other but that's not the case. We each learned something new about the other. Spending time with your adult sister is so much different than growing up sisters as kids. 

This is on the island of Torcello. It's only a few minutes from the island of Venice but has an entirely different atmosphere. Very few visitors and hauntingly quiet. In pre-Medieval times Torcello was a powerful trading center. In the 12th century malaria hit the island causing people to abandon the area. Currently there is a population of only 10 people.

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