Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 30

As I was waiting in line to check out at the grocery store this morning, I couldn’t help but notice all the products they have strategically positioned for a “quick grab” as you leave. After looking at ingredients on several packages, one caught my eye ‘Turkey Bites’. I couldn’t wait to look at the ingredients!! The first ingredient was ‘mechanically separated turkey’!! If you remember from an earlier post, that is where they remove all the wanted meat from the animal and then press the bones through a sieve where they get a “paste” product! Yep—that was the main ingredient in those turkey bites! As I caught myself saying “Yuck”, I glanced around but nobody seemed to notice. *ha*
OH!! I forgot to mention that I found cereal that falls under my “rules”! Post shredded wheat!! I am SO excited that I can eat cold cereal again! It’s been a month!! (So you might be able to guess what I had for lunch today)  J I haven’t actually gone through every single box of cereal in the store, so I may have to do a little more searching to see what else I can find. But I’ll be honest, if this is the only one I find, I can live with that!! I could taste a more “real” flavor without all the extra sweeteners found in so many cereals, but when I added a fresh peach, I was happy!!
Last night I was searching the internet (which I do a lot of lately) and ran across a great website with a ton of recipes on it! A lot of them are kid oriented but can easily be used by anyone. I’m excited to try some of them for Jaxon and I. Check it out!  I’m planning on going through the recipes this weekend during the college football marathon that is common at our house. J Enjoy your Saturday!

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