Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 60

Whirlwind weekend! Our second grandson was born Saturday evening and it’s been a little crazy around our house! Little Braylon Redick arrived at 5:24 pm Saturday, weighing 8 lbs. 1 oz, and 20 inches long. He has cubby little cheeks and is such a pretty baby! I know, I’m a little biased, but he really is beautiful!
Of course, I was in and out of the hospital all weekend which means I wasn’t home to eat on a regular schedule. Again, it was tricky to find meals or snacks that I could eat that still followed the guidelines I’m following. I made a quick trip to get some fruit so I’d always have a good snack around. Meals were a little trickier. When we made a trip to Subway, Jess was quick to ask, “Wait, can you eat subway?”  (That made me smile. She’s noticing what I’m doing ) I haven’t checked into the ingredients of Subway bread but I’m guessing it will have a load of ingredients, so until I know, I’m not eating it. I decided to go with a spinach salad loaded with veggies. It was so colorful! I didn’t put any dressing on it and I thought it might be a little “blah” but it wasn’t at all. I had added banana peppers to the salad which really gave it a good taste. Good to know that I can always do a Subway salad in a crunch!!

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  1. Here is a link to the ingredients in Subway breads! You were right, not good....