Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 62

The food journey continues in a very real way. We’re spending time in Omaha at Children’s Hospital with our newborn grandson, Braylon. He will have heart surgery in the next couple days and we are all here to support his mommy and daddy. So needless to say, the routine of having control of what I eat is nonexistent for a while. I will say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the cafeteria food here at the hospital. They have a great salad bar and selection of fruit. All of the meals have calorie counts, fat grams, etc listed as you order. I know that may not change how people eat, but at least it makes them aware of what their choices are and what they are introducing to their body.  I’ve stuck with salad and fruit simply because it’s a sure thing for me when it comes to following my ‘rules’. I did eat some corn and beans last night as well.
Its times like these that really makes you step back and remember how much we simply take for granted when our children are happy and healthy. Please keep Braylon in your prayers.

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