Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Aug 3, 2011
Our entire family spent a wonderful week in Estes Park. It was a great vacation in every sense of the word. The view from our condo was breathtaking as we sat outside each morning with a hot cup of coffee and watched the hummingbirds buzz by occasionally. Sleep wasn’t one of our priorities on this vacation though. We stayed up late playing cards and games and  with a 3 year old, a 9 month old, and a 2 month old, the mornings started extremely early most days. But no complaints  - as we would wrap the little ones in blankets and sit on the deck to watch the day unfold. I think the babies enjoyed it just as much as we did. Its times like this that I feel so completely blessed to have wonderful people in my life and I feel so thankful for all the memories we are making as a family. 
One evening Papa Dwight was taking Braylon for a walk when the phone rang and he told us to go out on the deck and look at them. When we did, there was a big cow elk standing a few feet from them! It was so cool! The elk just stood there eating some grass as Dwight and Braylon slowly walked right by her. We took some great pics!
Food was plentiful on the trip! Each of us took turns making meals and I loved that part! The girls each made some wonderful new recipes and desserts so believe me, no one went hungry for long! J My eating ‘rules’ did not apply on this trip as there were just too many wonderful things I wanted to enjoy.  Katie made a salad dressing that I want to share with you. We had it on a chicken/strawberry salad but it could be used on lots of other salads as well.
½ cup white vinegar – 1/3 cup sugar – 1 tsp minced onion – 1 tsp ground mustard – ½ tsp salt – 1 cup olive oil  -- 1 Tbsp poppy seeds ------------ Mix together.  Tastes wonderful!!
So today finds us back in reality and back to the heat although from what I hear it’s cooler than it was while we were gone. So stay cool my friends – and give your family a big hug today!

*Thought for the day*
Grandmother-grandchild relationships are simple. Grandmas are short on criticism and long on love

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