Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Its official~ I miss having my coffee in the mornings; far more than I thought I would. I just can’t bring myself to drink it without sugar and I’m really trying to stick with this weeks challenge.  I don’t know if it’s actually the coffee I miss or the quiet time I take each morning to sit and read the paper and try to get my mind ready to tackle another day. Whatever it is, I miss it! I do enjoy a cup of tea occasionally (sweetened with honey) but it’s not quite the same as coffee. My husband is an avid coffee drinker so the smell of coffee brewing every morning isn’t helping! J It’s frustrating that sugar has such a powerful hold on me. I think about my pioneer ancestors who hunted down their food on the prairie, cooked over an open fire and slept on the ground. They tidied up their campsite and headed down the trail for another day’s journey. They didn’t dream of a Hershey bar or a piece of German chocolate cake at their favorite restaraunt. If they were lucky enough to find some wild berries along the trail they were happy.
I know the industrialization of our food supply along with the introduction of cheap junk food has forever changed the way food is received in our culture, but I would love to have the primitive taste buds of my ancestors and be surrounded by bushes bearing fresh fruit rather than aisle after aisle of junk food full of chemicals and preservatives.

* Thought for the day*
Do Lipton employees take coffee breaks? J

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