Friday, February 10, 2012

As a kid, you always have a favorite aunt, mine was Aunt Helen. She was always cheerful – always. Each time I saw her I knew she’d have a smile on her face. She made everyone she met feel like they were her favorite person in the world. Her hands and joints were crooked and deformed from her battle with severe rheumatoid arthritis most of her adult life so I knew her no differently and yet I never noticed it. That was simply Aunt Helen. J As an adult myself now, I often wonder how she kept such a positive outlook on life when she battled such a physical pain but she did it with flair and rarely if ever complained about it. Aunt Helen passed away this week at the age of 87 and is now free of her pain and home with her Lord in heaven. We attended her service yesterday and it was one she would be very happy with. Her four daughters each celebrated her life with stories and laughs of memories past. Nephews and grandsons as well as friends and family shared in the day’s memories and it was very clear that she touched many lives through her smiles and winks. J We all shed a few tears but we also shared in lots of laughs and I think Aunt Helen was right there with us enjoying every single moment.
So today, grab someone you love and give them a smile and wink. Make them feel like they are your favorite person in the world. J

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  1. Sorry for your loss. And thank you for the reminder in your last paragraph. I've noticed my cousins and I seem to be ending our phone calls with an I Love You more often since we've had more frequent reminders of our mortality!