Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 14

Last night we went out for supper with a couple we’ve met from church. I love trying new restaurants but I’m always a little skeptical of finding something on the menu that follows my ‘rules’. No need to worry though, I had grilled vegetable kabobs and they were great.

Once again, I didn’t use everything on my menu plan last week as I had more leftovers than I thought I would and I wanted to use up everything before I cooked up even more food. I tend to underestimate the amounts of food we’ll need for the week and usually end up with more than enough. I still love having a menu planned though because it gives me a reference to look at for meal choices when I need it. There’s something about seeing it on paper that makes it easier for me to stay on track.

Next week will be a little up in the air as far as planning a menu since we’ll be out of town for a few days. This will be the first time I’ll be trying to stick with my ‘rules’ while traveling since starting this 2nd challenge. I know it can be done because I’ve done it before but I also know that I need to plan ahead by bringing some of my own food so I have control over what I’m snacking on. Apples, bananas, raisins, almonds, pretzels and Triscuits are good choices for me to keep in the hotel room. Our grandsons will be with us too so these will be good choices for hungry little boys. It’s not as easy or convenient as when I’m home, but it is possible to eat REAL food when I’m away from home.

This week I’m going to post my menu a little at a time so I can give a more accurate idea of what we’re actually eating.

Feb 26th – March 3rd

Breakfast French toast
Lunch burritos

Breakfast fruit salad - apples/oranges/banana
Lunch bean burritos
Supper goulash

*Thought for the day*
If you look like your passport picture – you probably need the vacation.

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