Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Papa Story

While we were in Italy, Papa Dwight was babysitting for Cooper and Crosby for a few days. One night when I called home he told me that Cooper had diarrhea and it was bad; to the point that during his nap Cooper had made such a mess that Papa had to wash all the bedding and stick Coop in the bath tub. Awww shoot, I thought. Cooper is sick and his mommy isn't home, poor kid  :(

Then.... the story continued.

Papa preceded to tell me that Crosby, the one year old, had wanted the 'gummy bears' on the counter so Papa had given him one. Of course Cooper wanted gummy bears so Papa precedes to give them each a handful along with pretzels, nuts, etc. He thought it was a great snack for everyone. Papa ate some 'gummy bears' too!

Well.... come to find out... the 'gummy bears' were actually the boy's vitamins!! It wasn't long before Crosby had diarrhea too! What a mess Papa had on his hands (literally ha!)  Both boys were pooping faster than Papa could keep up. It finally dawned on him that something was wrong with this picture so he looked at the bottle of gummy bears and realized they were vitamins. The "fine print" said that too many vitamins could cause diarrhea. Yep! The fine print was 100% accurate!

So for the next few hours those two boys kept Papa hopping! Poor Cooper was running to the bathroom as fast as his little 2 year old legs could go! Needless to say there were some 'accidents' that needed cleaned up along the way. :)

By the time I heard this story, a full day had passed and the boys were doing fine. Diarrhea had stopped and REAL gummy bears had been purchased. ha! Once I realized both boys were fine and the 'reason' for their tummy issues had been discovered, I laughed! I could just picture this entire situation unfolding and Papa doing laundry and wiping up floors.

However, their mommy (dear daughter) did NOT think it was one bit amusing. Needless to say, Papa was in a bit of hot water.

But in the end, both boys are fine and Papa learned a valuable lesson about giving the boys gummy bears without reading the label. :)  AND it's just one more story we have to remember about our trip to Italy. :)  

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