Sunday, June 15, 2014

Our 35th Wedding Anniversary

In October 1978, I was at a volleyball game in Chappell when this cowboy walked in with a white felt cowboy hat and his Wrangler jeans tucked inside his boots. I had never seen him before that moment. I leaned over and whispered to a friend of mine. “That’s the guy I’m going to marry.” He asked me who it was and I told him I had no idea. 

As I left the ball game Dwight was in the parking lot and I ask him his name…and the rest is history.  On June 15th, 1979 we were married.

Our marriage has survived some serious odds and believe me there have been rough patches.  As all married couples know, when two people live together day in and day out it can be a recipe for challenges and disillusions. But it can also be a recipe for forgiveness and tolerance. 

Neither of us are the same people that married 35 years ago nor should we be. We’ve experienced life and life changes us; which is exactly what life is intended to do. 

As I write this, Dwight is out on the lake fishing and I’m enjoying my rocking chair on the porch. This is a true snapshot of our lives. Our kids and grandsons will be joining us later today and tomorrow for a anniversary/Father’s Day/Jess and Brad’s birthday visit. We are looking forward to this quietness being changed into chaos in a few hours. Yet another blessing of our 35 years of marriage.

(Photo by Jenny Reichman Photography)

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