Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Welcome to our porch

Each year I anxiously await the time when Nebraska weather conditions allow the nights to be warm enough to confidently start planting flowers without the risk of a spring snowstorm. There is something about tidying plants, sowing seeds and potting soil that sets my heart fluttering.

Many times I think about living in a climate where the vibrant colors of flowers are a constant. But then I think about the heat and humidity that come with those climates and I quickly remember how much I dislike high temperatures mixed with humidity and the thought promptly leaves my mind.

Each year I enjoy making our front porch as inviting as possible by adding color and accents without breaking the bank. This year is the first year I've used impatients as my primary flower and I'm finding that I love the small flowers filled with bold colors. (and I think our entire family is a bit 'impatient' so the name seems fitting as well)  :)

 Over the last couple of years, I've found some "old" items here and there and I am loving how they give a rustic feel to the outdoor space. This old, rusty lunch box reminded me of my dad when I saw it. He used to have one very similar to it that he'd carry on the tractor in the field. The rust on this one adds charm to it. 

I found this rocking chair several years back and tried my hand at distressing it with a soft yellow tone. Initially I found it for my daughter to use as a photography prop but one day she was cleaning out her storage area and she decided she didn't need it anymore so I quickly took it back. Same story with the green chest. Both pieces look great on the porch!

The plant on the green chest is a house plant I've had for years. I don't know what kind of plant it is but it has a stickiness about it and is a bit of a mess in the house. The other day when I was cleaning I decided to sit it outside for the summer and see how it does. So far so good although I can tell it is a bit distressed so if that continues I'll need to put it back inside. It has these unique 'blooms' on it that I love.
If anyone knows what type of plant this is, I'd love to know. 


  1. Very nice post :) We will have to see how we can get your pictures bigger :)

    1. Hopefully I made some changes that helped. Thanks!