Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Lingering - 1. to remain or stay in a place longer than usual 
                        as if  reluctant to leave
                      2. to dwell in thought or enjoyment
                      3. to take one's time, proceed slowly

Depending on the time of day the color of these salvia flowers range from a deep plum to lavender to the most beautiful natural purple ever. These shots were taken early in the morning. As I was watering plants, I noticed several bees and a moth feasting on the sweet nectar so I had to grab my camera.

Do you see the bee in the center of the picture?

The moth eluded me for a while but I was patient and eventually he returned to drink more of the sweet sugary liquid for breakfast.

So I lingered a while and simply watched....and enjoyed....and was a bit reluctant to leave.

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