Friday, July 18, 2014


From Florence we took the train to Rome. Oh! Did I mention we had forgotten to buy train tickets until the last minute (again!) and when we did there were miraculously 4 seats together in first class for $6 extra. Hallelujah! We LOVE that ticket lady! She somehow knew we'd had our fair share of adventure for the trip. 

The other trains we had ridden were very comfortable and clean and we had no complaints but when we saw these train seats.... we did a happy dance. The four of us had our own little "section" with amazingly comfortable seats. We were given warm towels to wipe our hands before being served snacks. The best $6 I've ever spent! We could have ridden that train for an entire day and not minded at all. 

One thing we did not realize is that we had to take the subway a short distance once we arrived in Rome to get to our apartment. First off, these Nebraska ladies have never been on a subway and secondly, these Nebraska ladies were a bit out of their element to say the very least. 

As you know a couple of us suffer from a bit of claustrophobia so getting on an jam packed subway car was a bit overwhelming. We let the doors on the first car close before we could decide whether to get on or not! When the next one pulled up we waited until the last minute to dash on so we didn't feel like we were in the center of a sardine can. We barely got in, the doors closed and BAM! we were moving!

THAT is when the laws of physics were proven yet again.

Inertia: tendency of an object to resist changes in its velocity.

Velocity: speed with a direction 

This is the point where my feet resisted change and the rest of my body went in a different direction and I landed on the floor, on top of my suitcase.It all happened so fast! Still on the floor, I looked back over my shoulder and my kids are laughing - hard! Katie is nearly in tears she's laughing so hard and Jess just doesn't want anyone to know I'm with her. My sister offers her hand and  helps me stand back up. Thanks Shell! 

NO ONE else on the train thinks it is one bit funny. Everyone just gives us dirty looks and doesn't say a single word. Seriously people lighten up!It's not like I meant to fall down! Geez! Oh, and I'm fine, thanks. 

Once I'd gathered myself I notice the lady whom I had nearly landed on and she is hold a tiny baby on her chest. I mean a tiny baby. He couldn't have been more than a few days old. As if I didn't feel bad enough! Okay, I can understand why she gave me a dirty look. 

Thank the good Lord we only needed to ride the subway for a very short time. 
 *p.s. No, we don't have a picture of the debacle. :)

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