Sunday, August 3, 2014


My sister, Shell, is a Harley gal. While we were in Rome her only request was to find a Harley shop to get her husband and son Harley t-shirts from Rome, so we asked several Italians if they knew of a shop nearby. First off, because of the language barrier no one understood what we were asking. We used gestures and tried to get someone to understand 'motorcycle' but no one we spoke to had knowledge of Harley Davidson. (I'm sure we looked and sounded ridiculous to the Italians.)
Once we returned to our apartment, Katie began a search on-line to find a Harley shop. She found one! With address in hand, that was the next day's priority.

Once again, Katie and Jess were in charge of directions thankfully and Shell and I just followed along behind. *ha*
We walked uphill and then walked uphill a bit more and then turned a few corners and walked up hill a little more. I literally do not know how the girls knew where to go but 12 miles later we found a Harley Davidson shop!! Whooo Hooo!

 We had finally found it and were looking forward to seeing what all the showroom had to offer. When Shell asked about t-shirts the guy behind the counter pointed to a stack of t-shirts on the floor! Yep, no kidding. All the t-shirts were just laying in piles on the floor. Not exactly what we had expected. So... we got down on our hands and knees and started going through the piles to find the sizes we needed. *When in Rome.....*
Shell did find what she wanted and the guys now have Harley shirts from Rome Italy. And they darn well better like them. We walked 12 miles to find those. 

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