Saturday, August 23, 2014

St. Peter’s Basilica

This church is HUGE. It is one of those places that's difficult to find the words that will adequately describe it. The door of the church alone was massive.
It is a church first and tourist attraction second but the mere size of it made me think of it more like a museum of sorts. Even though there were a lot of people it didn’t feel crowded though - plenty of room to wander around and take in all the sights.

There are several small side chapels throughout the church where services were taking place but the main alter was incredible; such ornate architecture.

Amazing architecture, extensive history, glorious art displayed inside  - something for everyone. Allow yourself plenty of time to really appreciate it.

If you‘ve read the book Angels and Demons or The DaVinci Code, St. Peter’s  will have  a very familiar feel for you. With the sunlight coming in and hitting the wall, I envisioned this being the exact place the authors sat as they wrote the manuscripts.

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