Saturday, December 20, 2014


I'm known to have some fairly wild ideas when I want to create something or make some changes in the house. I usually find myself piddling on several projects at the same time and never really feel like I complete any of them.

It's been nearly two years since I had the notion to change our bedroom design. We've always had oak furniture, which is beautiful, but I wanted a change; something that was the polar opposite of oak. The oak bedroom set we had was our first 'new' bedroom furniture so it held some sentimental value which made it difficult to give up, but my sister has it so now if I ever want to visit it she has it in her basement. :) 

I spend too much time on Pinterest. I see so many ideas and designs I like that it was time for something different.   (Darn you Pinterest!)

Initially, I knew the color scheme I wanted but that was about it. My mind was thinking grey with turquoise and black and pops of yellow. I thought it could look very put together OR it could look like a wild mess. With the color choices I wanted to use, I had to be mindful that this was 'our' bedroom so it didn't end up looking overly feminine.

After attending a wedding in Omaha, we visited a large furniture store that had so much furniture it was a bit overwhelming at first. Thank goodness I had an inkling of what I was wanting before I walked in. We were barely in the front door when I noticed this wild upholstered chair. (wild in comparison to what we had always had before)

black and white canvases of our handsome grandsons

 I loved that chair immediately! I mentally checked it off my list and headed toward the bedroom sets. After much deliberation we narrowed it down to two sets and finally decided on a white one. White? We have never owned a white anything!  I wanted polar opposite. White was polar opposite.

On the way out of the store our son-in-law was walking by me and pointed at a chair saying, "Who in the world buys stuff like this?"
When I looked at which chair he was talking about it was the one I'd just bought!! 
"You did not" he said.
"Oh yes... we did!" It was so funny.

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