Thursday, April 9, 2015


My American bladder is having a difficult time adjusting to the European toilets (or lack thereof). We finally stopped to ask someone in a shop where we could find a restroom and they had no idea what a restroom was so I said toilette and she told me there was one next door through the restaurant and up the stairs. When we reached the top of the stairs the doors opened into a parking garage. Hmmmm.... okay. Now where would I look for a toilette in a parking garage. We had a 50/50 shot -- left or right. We chose left. And sure enough there was a door way with an old Italian lady as the bathroom attendant.
The rose in the plastic bottle gives it some ambiance don't you think? :)

Paying to use the bathroom is definitely unusual for us but let's face it, by this time I'm in no condition to argue and quite honestly 1.50 Euro is well worth it. 

There are lots of places that serve food and drinks outside so from now on I'm just going to walk politely and confidently inside to find a bathroom. The waiters may think I'm a customer just making a trip inside anyway. Some may call that rude. I call it survival. 

No more buying drinks that I don't want just to use the bathroom. Then I feel like I bought the drink so I need to drink it. And then before you know it, I'm on the search for a bathroom again!

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