Monday, April 13, 2015

Fish Market

What a treat to see the fish market near Rialto Bridge.

The octopus was plentiful at the market.
The fish mongers hard at work, slicing and filleting the day's fish to display to the crowds of people anxiously waiting to see the exhibits.
Fish mongers squeezing the 'ink' from the squid.

 It's such a lively place with camera touting tourists, like us, taking pictures of the colorful stalls of fruits and vegetables adjacent to the fish stalls. Yet many local Venetians buying their own provisions for the day. 
Loads of fish cooling off on layers of ice.

The fish market was housed in a covered space, keeping the seagulls from invading the area.
This display was a little disturbing to me. It caught people's attention which I suppose was the purpose of it.
The fish market and food market may not be on many tourist's radar but I'd highly recommend it for anyone visiting Venice.
It's quite an experience just wandering around the stalls to see what you might find.
And who knows, you may find a few things you've never seen before.
This is tripe : the stomach of an animal  *yuck*

I have no idea what this is but I loved the shapes and textures in it.

* We found out today that the fish market isn't there on Mondays * Just fyi for all you that will be Venice soon. :)

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