Monday, May 11, 2015


We are back home from our trip to Italy. It was remarkable. I could not have asked for a better trip. I loved every moment of it. Most people have that "I've always wanted to visit" place and mine has always been Italy. 

My husband and I spent a week in Rome and then traveled to Venice by train where he stayed another week before heading back home to the U.S. 
I stayed in Venice another two weeks by myself before returning home. Initially I had planned on spending even longer there but after nearly a month away from home, I began to get a bit homesick and decided it was time to get back. I had experienced Venice in every aspect I'd ever imagined. Each morning I left the apartment with my camera and each day I found Venice even more beautiful than the day before.

I'm far from the seasoned traveler but I can say without a doubt that traveling transforms you. You immerse yourself in different cultures, learn how to navigate in unfamiliar surroundings and experience history in a way that no book could ever teach. 


Promise yourself that someday you will travel to your "I've always wanted to visit" place of your dreams.

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