Thursday, June 11, 2015


Last week my husband was mowing the lawn and he came inside and told me, "We've got a problem."
My first thought was something had broken on the sprinkler system or something like that.
"We have bees." he said.
What? Why is he telling me about some bees? I didn't understand what the big deal was.
I walked out to a tree in front of our house not really knowing what to expect. But I did NOT expect to see this.
Oh my goodness! I have never seen anything like this. This was something you'd see on television!

We were having all four of the grandsons for the next several days and there was no way they could play outside with this in the front yard! 
Dwight never gets too worked up over anything but he didn't want anything to do with these bees.

I didn't even know where to begin to find someone to help us with this, so I turned to trusty ol' Facebook. Within minutes I had half a dozen names of people that dealt with bees.
  I sent a gentleman a message and within a few hours he was here to help. 
I was expecting him to be in full bee keeper garb but all he wore was the head gear.He sat a box underneath the branch and gave it a couple quick tugs and the entire swarm fell to the ground! It was crazy!
He told us that if the bees came back that the queen bee was still around. Sure enough, a couple days later the bees started building another one in the exact spot.
I called the gentleman right away and this time he brought a box of some sort that smelled like a hive. He left the box under the tree for a couple days to ensure the queen was captured. There was a tiny hole in this box and it was incredible to see how many bees went in and out of there. 
After two bee removals we are now bee free :)

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  1. YiKES!! This brings a whole new meaning to the "secret life of bees"!