Friday, June 19, 2015

Pendant Or No Pendant??

We're still plugging away with the remodeling project at our new house. * I think I may be saying this for months. *

 The kitchen has a good foundation, it simply needs a face lift.

We decided to take down the top cabinets to get more of an open concept.
Obviously we're losing some cupboard space but this is one more thing that is forcing us to downsize and simplify our house.

(And I'm learning a lot about myself during this remodeling/moving process. I've realized I may be a hoarder.) *ha*

I've taken a vortex of things out of my closet - numerous times. Some of it is due to the "it's a great buy" mentality and some of it is the "this is a great place to store that" mentality. But after many times of going through things I've finally gotten down to the basics.
I've always loved how pendant lights look in the kitchen. I've imagined colorful lights over the bar to give things a pop of color. Actually, I've already purchased some pendant lights and have them sitting in the closet. (Our grandsons, Cooper and Crosby, were with me when I shopped for the lights. Cooper wanted the red ones, Crosby wanted the purple ones. I went with Cooper's choice of red. :)  

Now that the top cupboards are down and I can see how it opened up the kitchen I'm just not sure I want to  have anything take away from that open line of sight. I'm going to have to think on this...

Pendant lights or no pendant lights?

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