Monday, June 8, 2015

Tile Troubles

Before we left for vacation we had looked at a large amount of tile choices for a bathroom.
When we returned from the trip we were unsure of the tile we had chosen so decided we'd look a bit more. We eventually agreed on a tile with a great design. 

I know nothing about tile so I let the guys tackle this job while I was working on other things. Dwight had never worked with tile either so this was a first for him as well.

This is a friend of ours, Steve, who is helping us with the renovation project. :)

Measurements were made and the tile cutting began! So exciting!
One problem, when Dwight lifted the tile up to put on the wall numerous pieces of the design fell out. It was like putting a jig saw puzzle together! Ugh.  This would take forever to put up the tile if this is how we had to do it. Forget it - we'll go with our second choice. 
This is the one we had originally chosen before we left on vacation.
Nope! That didn't work either. After cutting it in the tile saw the damp tile pieces fell off! 

 Third choice of tile. Nope! The stinking tiles kept falling off when they tried to put it on the wall. Grrrrrrr...... Obviously there is a trick to working with tile, but we didn't know it.

By this time the guys were a bit frustrated because they couldn't figure out why the tiles weren't working for them and I was at the point of bonkerville and I needed to step away from the situation so I went to Bible study and told Dwight, "Go pick out a tile that will work and just get it. Don't wait for me to get back from church, just put it up."

I have to admit that when I first saw the tile he picked out I didn't like it. I didn't hate it, but didn't love it either. I felt with the grey floor and the grey in the tile that everything would just blend together and it would look 'blah'. But I also wasn't about to say anything to him because he was just as frustrated as I was.
I told myself that it would look fine once it was up and finished.

 I thought we should use grey grout but Dwight thought white would be better. He was right!
I love the finished product!! Now I just need to find a mirror :)

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