Wednesday, July 1, 2015


This new house continues to push me outside of my comfort zone and I'm actually enjoying that part of it very much. When we were thinking about paint colors for the office walls my mind naturally went to something very neutral. Usually if I go with off white or a light tan I feel like I'm taking advice from the designers on HGTV network :)

We eventually decided to paint three walls mint green and one wall a pale pink. It was hard for me to picture this but once it was done, I really liked it.

The only problem was that I have a cute little desk I'm wanting to use in the office that we had repainted and refinished several months ago. But once I put that desk into the office with the new paint colors on the wall it just didn't fit.
After standing in the middle of the office and staring at the desk for a while I just set myself into gear and decided to use the wall colors and repaint the desk.  It turned out super cute. I was very pleased. It's amazing that a simple coat of paint can make so much difference.

I didn't have any light green or pink knobs so I tried some adorable turquoise flower knobs I had and I loved them!

Now I'm searching for the perfect chair to go with this desk. I'm so excited to put this office area together!

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