Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Kitchen Cabinets ~

We’re still working on the house in town. It’s been a looooong  process.
The guy helping me with the new kitchen cupboards, Ryan, and I have been working on this since July. July!  I’ve been so cautious about things. I’ve been thinking and rethinking about the way I want the kitchen. I didn’t want to order the cabinets and then wish I’d changed this or that. Also, Ryan has told me a dozen times that once he hits the ‘send’ button to order cabinets, that was it. No turning back. So I’ve been dragging my feet on it just in case I wanted to change something.

Last week I finally decided that after looking at the printout of the kitchen layout for the thousandth time, I had it memorized. I met with Ryan and we officially ordered the kitchen cupboards.  WHEW! What a relief to have that done! Right after meeting with Ryan I went to a local appliance store to purchase a refrigerator. I needed a counter depth fridge to fit in the space we had planned for it. Found one, bought it, done… Two things checked off the list!!

I called Ryan and told him the dimension of the fridge and he told me to measure one more time to be sure. We had talked about this a gazillion times so I thought that was strange for him to say but ok, I'll measure.  When I measured, I thought, “This isn’t going to work. It’s going to stick out into the doorway to the laundry room.”  I measured again. And again. And again.  Are you kidding me?? Ryan and I had talked about the measurements for a fridge for months! How could this not fit here? 

For a split second, I seriously freaked out and then I called the store I had just purchased the fridge from thirty minutes earlier and explained the situation. They were wonderful about it and told me not to worry. They’d do whatever they needed to so I got the fridge I needed. Yet another reason shopping locally is worth it! 

I wanted to cry but I was so mad at myself for not catching this that I couldn’t. I called Ryan and asked him exactly what my options were. Isn’t it like a puzzle where you can just move things around a bit here and there and it would fit together, regardless of the placement of the cabinets???  Ryan said it didn’t work like that. I fully expected to have to simply pay for cabinets I wouldn’t be using. (Remember Ryan’s words “Once I press send, that’s it. No turning back.”)

I knew there weren’t a lot of options but I also knew that I had to rearrange the kitchen layout to make things fit properly. At this point I was thinking about how much this mistake was going to cost. I was seeing dollar signs everywhere. $$$ Ugh…

I sat down at Ryan’s desk and we kind of looked at each other for a second before he said, “Do you want me to cancel your order?”

“Is that a possibility?” I asked him.

He told me that he had a 48 hour window where he could delete my order and back it out of the system.  I could have hugged this guy!!  Do it! I told him.  I’m telling you, this guy does not get paid enough for dealing with people who are remodeling their kitchens!  

So began the process of redesigning the kitchen layout. Amazingly, it didn’t take as long as either of us expected it to. Once we finished reconfiguring things, he wanted to go back to the house and check and double check again before placing the order for the second time. I gave him a key to the house and I left for Denver. We weren’t ordering until Monday and at this point I had had enough for the day. 

Yesterday we placed the kitchen cabinet order ----- again. 

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