Monday, November 9, 2015

Vintage - blah blah blah

The new buzz word of today is 'Vintage'. 

Vintage is just another word for old isn't it?

Well, I have this "vintage" hip that is giving me fits! Every time I go up the stairs I feel a bit like a hobbled horse. 

There doesn't seem to be enough ibuprofen in the world to take away this gimpy limp. 

And lately I've been seeing some 'vintage' wrinkles in places I don't understand. I no longer have appealing cleavage. I now have this vintage cleavage area that reminds me of a skinny turkey claw. It is not attractive. 
 Cleavage - Wrinkles ---- two words that should never be associated. Ever. 

Then there are those 'vintage' chin hairs that grow overnight. Those are fun. I've now had to add picking black hairs from my chin and lip to my morning routine. This whole vintage chapter of my life is just a hoot.

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