Thursday, September 1, 2016

Never Underestimate Your Boss

August is my favorite month. First of all (and most importantly) it's my birthday month. Actually my sister, Shell, and I share August birthdays. As kids there were many years where we would start school on one of our birthdays. I loved that. 

Why is it that once you reach a certain age there are no more birthday parties and the birthday day seems to lose a bit of importance? I don't know either but that's just not right. Birthdays are a big deal! There's that ONE day in the year that belongs to YOU. That ONE day where your existence made the world a different place. That's worth a celebration! So this year I decided to do something a bit different for my sister (and myself) for our birthdays. 

How does someone use vacation days without them knowing they'll be using vacation days?

That's the question I asked my sister's boss last May. 'Hmmmm..... well I'm not sure' was the answer. 

I explained to her boss what I had in mind and after some fandangling of the vacation calendar, her boss was on board with 'the plan'. I wouldn't say a word about it to anyone. The fewer people that knew, the safer the secret would be. From May to August is a long time to keep a secret.

So...recently, without her knowing I was in town, I walked into my sister's office at work. (Of course her boss knew I was coming and was in Shell's office when I got there). Shell was more than surprised to see me there and was worried something was wrong. 
No, nothing wrong. I just thought I'd stop in and give you a birthday card.

(I could tell Shell was thinking -what in the world?)

Inside the birthday card were two tea bags, which may seem strange to most people but my sister drinks gallons of hot tea with vinegar. (yes, it's as disgusting as it sounds). So she took the tea bags out and says, 'ok'. At this point she is completely at a loss for what is going on. :)

I told her to look inside one of the tea bags - where I had placed a 5 Euro bill and a post it note saying, "You and I are going back to Venice." 

When I tell her we don't have long before we leave I thought she may pass out. ha! She immediately says she needs to check the vacation calendar to see if those days are available and I nonchalantly respond, "We already have that covered."

My sister looks at her boss and says," You knew? I can't believe you knew!" It was a great moment.  

So, in just a short time we are headed back to Venice. Just Shell and I. We can hardly wait. 

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  1. You are a great sister! Remember to come back with or without wine!