Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 3


I ended up bringing food for the trip back to the cabin. Had to take a cooler with us, but really it wasn’t a big deal at all. I had a colorful fruit salad with wheat bread for supper and breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs (farm fresh), bacon and wheat toast. I also found some orange juice that is “real” and not full of sugar. Tastes great!
I went to the local farmer’s market yesterday and found a lady that makes her own whole wheat bread. What a treat! It is delicious. I’ve decided I just may have to try my hand at that. I’m thinking a bread maker or a mixer with a bread hook may be in my near future. :)


  1. Wow Mom! I am just totally impressed that you set up this blog all by yourself! Holy Smokes! As for me following this diet - ummm no thanks - at least not at the moment. This would be a VERY time consuming task and I have lots of all things on my plate....however - I need to be more aware of what I do eat and will TRY to do that part and eat more fruits and veggies to "dip my toes" into this diet.

    Good Luck!

  2. Grr! You tricked me!! I knew those eggs this morning looked TOO yellow! But I must admit, I didn't taste the difference :)

  3. Hey, I had a thought....Are you freezing some of the garden's treasures for this winter? OR canning if you can have salt as a persevative? Peaches are great right now. I am with Jess and putting my toes in. Your WILL is admirable!

  4. Go, Renae! This is great. We're on the same page, but you're really doing this. Hilary is a great fan of Michael Pollan. I have his books, but haven't read them YET! Good luck!!