Sunday, September 12, 2010

DAY 17

Many people mistake REAL food for low calorie food and that is not always the case. Yes, REAL food can consist of lots of fruits and vegetables which are relatively low in calories, but REAL food also consists of granola and homemade whole wheat bread and if you eat 3 pieces of homemade bread with each meal, the calorie content adds up - fast. This is something I have to remind myself of occasionally. *ha*
People think that in order for food to be REAL and have less than 5 ingredients, it has to be weird, off the wall food that you can only buy in the back of a hippie store with a clerk who reminds you of Cheech Marin. :)
I’ve had people ask me what REAL food I eat, so I’ll give you a few examples.

Breakfast: Granola – either plain or as cereal with milk
                 Watermelon and cantaloupe with whole wheat toast and milk or juice
                  Scrambled eggs with whole wheat toast with milk or juice
                  Omelet filled with veggies with milk or juice
                  Whole wheat banana pancakes with real maple syrup

Lunch/Supper    tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, cottage cheese
                          Whole wheat pasta with homemade sauce
                          Salmon with sweet potato fries
                          Black beans & corn over brown rice
                          Stir fry with tons of veggies and cabbage over brown rice

As I continue on this journey, I’m becoming more and more aware of what foods I’m eating. I’m actually “thinking” about what foods I’m eating. If I’m not sure if it’s REAL or if it follows the rules, one quick look at the ingredient label usually answers that question pretty quickly.


  1. It has already been 17 days!??!!? Wow! That has gone quickly! I am anxious to try the black bean and corn recipe! (And I am anxious to see what happens to your cholestrol!) Keep it up mama!

  2. I'm anxious to see what happens to cholestrol as well! :) Thanks!