Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 25

Yesterday someone asked me, “How’s your “food thing” going for you?” *ha* I’m happy to say that my “food thing” is going well. I must admit though, that the last couple days my mind has wandered into the “that doesn’t follow the rules” mode a time or two.  I can’t say I’ve actually craved anything particular, but I am finding myself missing a few things-one being cold cereal. As I said before, I used to eat a lot of cereal, especially when Dwight is out of town. It’s hard for me to fix a full fledge meal for myself. I know I should, but somehow I just can’t justify making all that mess for just me! But honestly, I know I’m far better off when I do fix an actual meal because I feel more satisfied instead of munching on this and that throughout the evening. Duh!! It makes sense that I’d feel more satisfied after eating a nutritious meal!
Although it’s been less than a month, I can feel a difference in my off the wall perimenopausal symptoms! My hot flashes are still there but far less severe, especially at night. I don’t know if it is because of the changes in what I’m eating (or not eating) but I’d like to think it is. For that alone I am SO thankful!  
*Thought for the day*
A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.~


  1. Huh! You really can tell a difference in your hot flashes and such? Good deal! Have your headaches occurred less often? There is no way I could go without cold cereal...there has to be something out there that fits the rules isn't there?

  2. As far as store bought cereal, I haven't found any yet that isn't just full of "stuff". I might just have to start at one end of the cereal aisle and look at every box to see if I can find something that I can live with! :) I can't tell much difference in my headaches yet. I still get those.