Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 34

As I continue to learn more about REAL food and follow the paths of other people’s journeys, I get the feeling that to some people eating REAL food is yet another “fad” that will pass. Gosh, I hope not.  My hope is that as people eat REAL food and become aware of all the chemicals and preservatives that are FLOODING the food we eat, that they make some lifelong adjustments to what they put in their bodies. And even more importantly, that we send a strong message to our food producers that we as consumers are not happy with how our food is produced and the effects it has on our health. It seems like the food industry is an extension of our government that some think is just “too far gone” and “we can’t change it anyway”. I believe – strongly – that we CAN change it by making choices for ourselves. Will I change the world by changing what foods I eat? No. Will I change my own attitude about the world in which my food is produced? Yes.

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