Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 7

One week down and going strong! I started off the morning with a piece of whole wheat toast (that we baked last night) with honey and a glass of cold milk along with a fresh peach sprinkled with our homemade granola. The peach and granola mixture is so good!! I could eat that all day! For lunch I made a salmon fillet and zucchini squash. Yum! Dwight found cottage cheese that has only 3 ingredients in it-(milk, cream, and salt). I’ve got him looking at labels now too!  I have to admit it tastes different than what I usually eat. It’s much richer. But when I use it on tomatoes I can’t tell much difference. Thankfully, I can eat garden tomatoes and cottage cheese again!

And yes Mel, care packages are a good idea!! I’ll get you one put together right away! :P

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