Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 8

After finishing week one, I decided it was time to clean out the fridge. I mean REALLY clean out the fridge. I went through each shelf and then the door. The door! That’s where most of the culprits were – condiments of all kinds!! It is amazing the amount of preservatives in condiments!! And yes, I could technically pronounce them (using my phonics skills), but I have no idea what they are and I’m guessing if I “google” those words, I’m not going to like the results, so they went in the trash! I even surprised myself at how much I ended up throwing out and I always thought I was pretty conscious of what we used. There was BBQ sauce, (which I now know how to make my own which is quite simple), Ranch dressing, Italian dressing (which we used on pasta all the time), RediWhip in a can, (which Dwight believes is a staple in all diets!), Prego spaghetti sauce (which I have to admit was tough to let go of, because I am a Prego fan!), and several other things. One thing I hadn’t tossed was a tub of margarine because I figured it was probably pretty safe. I’ve always heard that margarine is much better for you than real butter, right? Not so. There are 18 ingredients in the margarine I had! 18! And the crazy thing was that milk was the 17th ingredient which means there was barely any milk at all in it. I checked the real butter ingredients and found –butter, cream, salt. Guess where the margarine went.

After the fridge episode, I turned to the cupboards where I didn’t find nearly as much, but still found a few things I needed to toss. I even found a can of “Speghettios” I must have bought for Jaxon! What was I thinking????? Needless to say, garbage can!
Then came the bread drawer which I cleaned out completely since I’m now eating only whole wheat bread that we make!!!! The funny thing is that I actually believed I was buying the “good” bread with only 40 calories per slice. But it’s important to remember that when anything is taken out of something, they have to find a way to replace it with something else so it tastes good and what they replace it with is chemicals and preservatives!!!!
Our girls will be here this weekend and I’m hoping to be able to share some of this with them. I don’t expect them to follow it the same way I am, I just want them to see that there are healthy options that don’t take a lot of time to fix.
 Enjoy your weekend!!

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