Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 40

This morning I made some whole wheat muffins and of course Jaxon wanted to help. He loves helping Grammy bake. He’s especially good at stirring and tasting! To keep him busy for a bit, I had him put the muffin liners in the muffin tin, which he loved. We had to use a couple extra ones because he got a little carried away and scrunched a few. J Muffin mix isn’t nearly as tasty as cookie mix so it was hard for him to understand why he couldn’t “taste” it.  He’d say, “Bite Peeeease”  Midway through the process, it occurred to me how special it is to be able to teach Jaxon how to bake and cook already at two years old. I see this being something we do together for many years to come. Did it take longer to have him help me? Absolutely. Was it worth the extra time and mess. Absolutely!!!!
I also learned a valuable lesson about eggs and microwaves today. (doesn’t sound good does it). I peeled a hardboiled egg and put it in the microwave to warm it up slightly for lunch. After 20 seconds it was barely warm so I gave it another 20 seconds. I thought that would be plenty of time to at least get the chill off it. As I cut into it with a knife, it made a LOUD pop and EXPLODED everywhere! I had egg yolk all over myself, the counter and the floor! What a mess! I’d never had that happen before, but I’ll remember it now!
How is everyone else doing with their own “challenge” ? I’d love to hear about it!


  1. Yes, I am sure that Jaxon did love that! I always enjoy cooking/baking with him. It really doesn't seem to be a pain for me....it is actually quite fun. We don't get to do that much anymore with school in session, but summer was fun! Yes mom, we liked the chicken and casserole, but did not like the muffins :) I wish I could talk more about my journey.....I think about you and what I am eating every time I eat, but I have not started my "journey"! I am more aware since you started this whole thing though. I am anxious for the baby to get here so that things can kind of get into more of a routine....am I crazy for saying that??? :)

  2. Being more aware of what you're eating is the most important thing. I know... we see each other every day but don't reallly get to 'talk' much. Routine once the baby comes?? We'll see. :) About the muffins, I have to agree with you that they aren't the best. Next time I make them I need to revamp the recipe a little bit 'cause the ingredients in them are great. They just need 'something'. I'll keep trying though! Thanks for being my taste tester!

  3. I laughed forever about the egg story...I kept thinking are you sure you want another 20 sec. Renae, microwaves heat from inside out. You should have consulted me first...I'm just saying :) I am glad you shared, brave soul. I haven't laughed like that in awhile and it was much needed.

    Drew loves to bake. When he was little, Missy would always let him help. She was more patient with him than I could be. He even got to use the mixer. I would have said that was his favorite toy at age 2-3 :) They were always cooking up something. I have learned over the years to be more patient and now actually will wait until time that Drew can help. We have the challenge of including Dixon a stir turn or ingredient dumping but usually a beater for him to lick is all he wants. What great memories baking gives us.

    I too am more "aware" of what I'm eating. Haven't made any drastic changes yet but maybe someday. Where does your WILL power come from?

    I am on the countdown for my next visit...see you soon.