Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 41

Today I tried another new recipe - Baked Ziti- which you can find at  I used our garden tomatoes and you could really taste that fresh-natural flavor. It went together quickly and tasted good! I’ll make this again for sure. I’m finding that most of the recipes I’ve tried in the last 41 days can be easily ‘tweaked’ to your own tastes. There’s just been a couple that I didn’t care for and probably won’t try again. But that’s true with all recipes, not just ones using REAL food. Although ‘no sugar’ isn’t technically one of my “rules”, I’ve cut back on that a lot. Maybe I should say that I’m looking at labels more and finding that SO much of our food has extra sugar in it and I’m simply choosing not to eat it. I didn’t think I ate that much sugar to begin with until I started consciously noticing how much sweetener is in our food. And I’m finding there is a TON of sugar/sweetener in almost everything. The only thing I actually added sugar to was coffee and ice tea. I can drink tea without sugar but just can’t seem to get past the taste of coffee without it, so I haven’t had coffee since I started this.  I really haven’t found that I miss it too much.
In Michael Pollan’s book, “In Defense of Food” he covers a rule that says, “You can eat junk food but you have to make it yourself”  I make cookies for Jaxon (and Dwight!) because I just can’t bring myself to feed him those store bought cookies that have a list of ingredients a mile long! The bad thing is I find myself eating more cookies now than I have in a very long time!! But an interesting thing I have noticed is that after I eat cookies, I just don’t feel well for a couple days. I really think it’s the sugar in them and the fact that I don’t eat nearly as much sugar/sweetener as I did 41 days ago. Another crazy thing is when I eat cookies I have more severe ‘hot flashes’ at night. Is it possible that sugar could be a factor in that? It sure seems like it in my case. Whatever it is, I can feel a difference.  I just need to find a cookie recipe that Jaxon and Dwight like and I don’t! J


  1. I know a way to fix the sugar addiction....there has to be a video about the sugar factories and what happens inside. My Mom and Grandpa used to work in the Bayard plant and would share stories. I guess what I remember are mice running across the sugar leaving their footprints and who knows what else. I still manage to eat it so who knows.

    There are several articles about how sugar has been proven just as addictive as nicotene and other things we call "drugs". Food companies are just in heaven. The addiction is larger than any other drug in our nation I am sure. Obestity is the result. Just some food for thought.

  2. You're absolutely right! I need to watch what really happens in the factories! Maybe I'd have such a negative image that it would break my sugar addiction. It worked for me and chicken!! Whenever I see chicken in the store, I get this image of these crippled fat chickens that can't even walk on their own and other dead chickens on the floor righht beside them. Ewwww!