Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 51

I ran across an article that I want to share with you. It’s about the causes and ‘cures’ of autoimmune diseases. I agree with so many things in this article. I’m a firm believer that chemicals and preservatives in our food have a direction correlation to the diseases and illnesses that are exploding in our society.  I hope you take a few minutes to read it. 
 Our oldest daughter has rheumatoid arthritis and she has been battling the effects of that for several years now. It breaks my heart to see her have the pain and discomfort that accompanies this disease and not be able to help her. She doesn’t talk about it very often, but I know it is very difficult for her. Obviously, I have no medical training, but I do have common sense, and my head and my heart tell me that there is something that is causing the disease. Instead of using medication to mask the symptoms we need to go the point of origin of the problem, and not need the medicine.

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