Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 54

As much as I try to keep things going as planned, it doesn’t always work out that way. This morning helped remind me of that. As I’m making breakfast for Jaxon  (whole wheat banana pancakes from the freezer) he finds the miniature marshmallows in the drawer and his face lights up! Now, you might ask why I have miniature marshmallows in my kitchen when they are about the farthest thing from REAL food as you can get. Well, you see we have this little marshmallow gun that shoots miniature marshmallows and it’s so much fun to play with! So of course I have to keep ammunition for it! J Anyway- I get the pancake ready for him; he takes one bite and says, “All done” and proceeds to eat the marshmallows with a very satisfied look on his face. This was one of those moments when I decided to choose my battles. As much as I hated it, he ate several handfuls of marshmallows before he tired of them and as soon as I could, I got them out of sight and back in the cupboard. (A different cupboard this time. One he can’t reach!) I knew he wouldn’t be hungry for ‘real’ food for a while after that so I waited until mid morning and sure enough he went straight back to the drawer he had found the marshmallows in earlier! I told him they were all gone and after many, “Peeeese Mama” requests, I convinced him apple slices would be a better choice. J As I’m peeling the apple, I hear a crash and the sound of glass breaking. Then a sweet little two year old “Uh-Oh”. *There’s a reason you shouldn’t kick a ball in the house*. A picture was knocked off the shelf going downstairs, falling and breaking which of course required a quick clean up of glass. Trying to keep a two year old boy away from the crime scene is a trick in itself! While I’m vacuuming Jaxon says, “Ball ball everywhere” and when I agreed with him he says, “Shucks”.  Shucks indeed. As I’m vacuuming, I had to take a step back and look at his sweet little face as he sat at the top of stairs munching on apples. It’s a good day at Grammy’s house.
Our garden is in its final stages and oh how I’ll miss the fresh veggies. I cut up fresh cucumbers, carrot sticks, cantaloupe, and applesauce for Jaxon’s lunch and he dove in to the cucumber and asked for more several times. After eating an entire cucumber, I talked him in to eating the carrot sticks. He dipped them in the applesauce which is something I’d never thought of, but he seemed to love it. It just made my heart smile to see him eat such healthy foods and know his little body is being fueled by REAL food.
It’s time for me a few things done before he wakes up “refueled” and rearing to go again. J

*Thought for the Day*
We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons.  ~Alfred E. Newman

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  1. Ha! First of all, I love your thoughts of the day - very clever. Secondly, I am SO very grateful that you can watch Jaxon and make sure that he is eating "real" food. I always love him eating strawberries and other real foods at our house too....even though "real" food is not always served at our house :) He is lucky to have such a great grandma!!