Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 76

All day today, I’ve just been thinking about getting back to ‘normal’ now that we’re home. And then I think, Normal? What in the world is Normal? And who has the power to answer that question with any authority at all? I think my own answer to the question might depend on the day you asked me. But today, I will say that normal is this: Knowing that chaos and craziness will always be a part of my day and that’s just fine. It means I have things that keep life interesting. Normal means I know that my family needs to be healthy so we find ways to improve in that area. It also means that when there are bumps in the road, and there always are, that I somehow find a way to deal with them. I also know that ‘normal’ means that God is always right beside me and I need to push away my human side and simply turn to Him for guidance. The more I think about what normal is, the more I think it could simply be called “life”.
I know I’ve gotten off track from the food challenge theme - but for today, that’s normal.

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