Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 99

Dwight and I left early this morning from DIA. We were up before 4am so planned on eating something once we got through security and to our gate. I figured I’d find a banana or something once we got there. I don’t like to eat too much before I fly but always need something in my tummy. Well, no fruit was to be found. I was upset with myself for not packing some Triscuits or something but then remembered I wouldn’t have been able to bring them through security anyway. Right before we boarded, I knew I needed something in my belly so we looked for what our options were. Nutrigrain bars and Club crackers ended up being what we found. Shortly after take off, I knew I was going to have to eat something so I had to give in and eat Club crackers! They only have 42,000 ingredients in them (ok, I may be slightly exaggerating that number), but the NutriGrain bars have about 98,ooo ingredients in them. J  SO…. I made it 99 days before I broke the ‘rules’. I’m a little bummed, but right now we’re going through turbulence and I think the passengers around me are thankful I ate crackers and that my tummy is settled rather than the alternative. :0
Last night, I told Dwight that I wasn’t going to make our trip unnecessarily difficult by finding food that fits my ‘rules’ and surprisingly he said, “I’ll do whatever you need me to do.” (What a guy!) He then asked me if we were still going to make our own bread and still eat healthy as home. J He said he wanted to keep doing what we were doing. Granted, he hasn’t been following the same ‘rules’ as I have but he’s very conscious of what he eats.
Dwight and I are taking a trip to Philadelphia and New York City and I really do want to eat as much REAL food as possible while we’re gone, but I think it could be pretty challenging. Eating out at restaurants in North Platte Nebraska is one thing. Eating out at restaurants for over a week in New York City and Philadelphia will likely be much different. J I’ve always wanted to see New York City during the holidays (one of the things on my bucket list). I can’t wait to see the decorations and extravagant displays. We plan on being typical tourists and seeing the major sites. We’re not so sure about the driving in New York though! Dwight wants to take the Subway around and that just creeps me out. Maybe I watch too many movies. J I’m also looking forward to experiencing the history of that area! I love history! It makes me appreciate our ancestors and the laws they fought so hard for as they tried to foresee the future of our country.  
I’ll let you know what challenges arise for me while we’re gone!

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