Monday, December 6, 2010

Vacation Update #1

Our hotel in Philadelphia had a great breakfast buffet which came with the room so that made it even better!! Fresh pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew, bananas, and grapes. I don’t usually eat oatmeal at a buffet but I’ve been in the mood for it lately so I tried it with a little brown sugar and raisins. Yum!! They also had a gentleman making fresh omelets so I had a veggie omelet with all sorts of veggies and spinach one morning. So as far as breakfasts go, I’ve done well with those.
Each day we’ve headed out to ‘sight see’ right after breakfast and haven’t been eating again until about 3 o’clock in the afternoon. By that time, we are FREEZING cold and hungry as well. Although I haven’t followed the ‘rules’ 100%, I’ve done better than I expected to do so far. One night I had red snapper with baby potatoes and some kind of ‘greens’ that I’m still not sure what they were. It looked like a salad but was served hot and didn’t have much taste. Not my favorite, whatever it was.
Yesterday after walking around in this cold and windy weather, I had to get something warm to drink and eat, so we finally found an Italian Bistro restaurant downtown. When I think Italian, I think pasta with rich, thick Alfred sauces and lots of breadsticks! So I was prepared to break nearly all the rules I’ve been following, but it wasn’t bad at all. I started off with a Tuscan bean soup which was wonderful and spicy. I needed every amount of ‘heat’ I could find at that point. We were so cold! J I found broiled tilapia with grilled zucchini and mashed potatoes which were also great! I didn’t eat the potatoes though because I just can’t stomach the texture of mashed potatoes. BUT… we splurged on carrot cake for dessert which wasn’t even all that tasty. So that’s definitely a rule breaker.
Today we are headed north after a meeting with one of Dwight’s customers in Trenton and will be in Jersey City tonight! They say it is suppose to be even colder and windier tomorrow. Yikes! But as cold as it is, I’m enjoying it!! So anxious to see all the people and hustle & bustle of the big city. :) We have lots of things we want to do in New York, most of which will have us outside, so we’ll be popping in and out of places for hot tea and hot chocolates I’m sure! Even the people that live here are saying that it's extra cold right now. The positive thing about being here at this time of the year is that there aren’t nearly as many tourists and we’re hoping we don’t have to wait in line!! :)

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