Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 9

I rode the bike Friday night after the boys went home and I was back on it first thing yesterday morning! Once I finish this post, I’m jumping back on again. Whoo Hoo! Three days in a row, wow - Happy about that!
 Yesterday we went out for an early lunch which was wonderful. I don’t get out of the house much anymore other than a quick trip to Walmart which I don’t find enjoyable at all, so going out for lunch was something I looked forward to. I had a delicious meal of grilled shrimp, grilled vegetables (squash, peppers, mushrooms), and a baked potato. I added salt, pepper and chives to the potato but no butter or sour cream and it was very tasty. It was a great lunch! I found a new recipe for crock pot lasagna which I plan on trying today so I’ll let you know how that turns out. It sounds extremely easy but the proof will be in the taste! With the busy schedules everyone has, I know crock pot recipes are always popular! So if it passes the taste test, I’ll be sure and share it with you!
I’m choosing a new word to incorporate into my life – Connection. It seems I’ve lost some vitally important connections over the past two years and it’s changed the way I feel and the way I think and I don’t like the changes. Most importantly I need to work on my connection with God. He has been so patient with me. I need to rejuvenate my relationship with Him. Equally important I need to reestablish my connection with myself. I’ve let myself fall low on the list of ‘important people’ and it’s time to put me back at the top of that list. I need to restore a connection to the inner strength I seemed to have lost. Also a connection to my health, more specifically to my exercise routine which I’ve let become nearly nonexistent in comparison to two years ago.
So today I will fuel my body with good food and fuel my mind with thoughts of connecting with what is important.

*Thought for the day*
Listen carefully to the pebbles tossed gently against your window before they turn in to the bricks upside your head

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