Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Challenge 2 - Day 5

Since school has started up and I’m on official “Grammy duty” again, I must say time is scarce around our house! For those of you that keep telling me you can’t eat REAL food because you don’t have the time, I’m going to try and prove that theory wrong. Two little boys under 2 ½, one of them with colic and both fighting off nasty colds has been keeping me hopping! I’ve been able to continue to eat REAL food but I’ll admit my variety of foods is pretty limited. Dear ol’ hubby has been home the last few days or I’m not sure what I would have eaten. Tonight is going to require a trip to the grocery store and I have to make a Plan A, B and C for the next couple days because hubby has to work. (Those darn jobs tend to get in the way of things!)
Also, it’s day 5 of the New Year and I’ve managed to get my bike ride in 3 of those days. I had to do yesterday’s ride after the boys went home and I think trying to exercise at the end of the day is for the birds!! Oh how I wish I could get myself back into that early morning routine of getting it done first thing. I’m working on it but I’m not making much progress with it to date. A sweet friend of mine has taken the time to give me a ‘schedule’ of bike workouts and after looking it over, I’m not sure if she’s trying to help me get in better shape or if she’s trying to make sure I have my first heart attack! J Like I told her, if I can keep up with what she has written down for me, I’ll be very happy!!
*Thought for the day*
"You have a cough? Go home tonight, eat a whole box of Ex-Lax, tomorrow you'll be afraid to cough."
- Pearl Williams

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