Saturday, January 1, 2011

Challenge 2 - Day 1

I started this brand new year by riding my bike first thing this morning! Yeah! Believe me, I nearly talked myself out of it, but once I finished riding I was so glad I had done it! I can honestly say that I always feel better once I’m done – it’s getting started that’s tough. J Whether you call it a resolution, a goal, or just a decision to change something in your life, start by honestly answering a few questions.
·         How does your weight/ your health compare to a year ago?
·         Do you eat healthy sized portions or do you stuff yourself at meals?
·         Do you have energy or do you feel tired all the time?
·         How physically active are you?
·         Do you eat most of your meals at home or do you eat out a lot? What types of foods do you choose?
·         Do you smoke?
The first step to a positive change is to take an honest look at your own health and eating habits in order to set realistic goals to enhance or change your lifestyle. Decide what your goal is -  Lower your cholesterol - Climb a flight of stair without being winded – Lower your blood pressure – Take your lunch to work instead of eating out – Keep healthy snacks in your drawer so you’re not tempted by a candy bar etc.
Sometimes getting started is the easy part; it’s the roadblocks that come up which cause us problems along the way.  Busy schedules play havoc on our good intentions. Loss of motivation makes it far too easy to get out of our routines and as we all know, once we stop, it’s very difficult to get going again! Once we realize we can’t change things overnight, we lose the enthusiasm that we started with. Long term success requires planning, discipline and finding ways to motivate you every single day. You have to believe in your goals and find ways to make them fit your lifestyle. Do what you need to do so you have the best chance at success.
*Thought for the day*
You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

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