Monday, February 7, 2011

Challenge 2 - Day 38

The other day I received a package in the mail from a dear friend and inside was a cookbook!!  What a great surprise. So Thank You Mel! I have you to thank for this new recipe!! You have such a kind heart – always watching out for me! J   
Tonight I tried one of the recipes: Mediterranean Hummus Pizza. It was great! This would qualify as something I wouldn’t typically think of making but it’s now on my “keep” list! I used one of my whole wheat pizza crusts that I have in the freezer so it went together really quickly. I also think the combination of artichokes, onions, tomatoes, garlic, and kalamata olives, would taste great in a wrap or in pita bread. Dwight wasn’t too sure about it and so he opted for oyster stew instead. I asked him if he wanted to taste it and before he could answer I cut off a small piece for him to try. I don’t think he was expecting it to taste very good but he loved it! He thought it would be a great hors d’oeuvre. Too bad I only made enough for me. J The recipe called for hummus so I attempted to make my own for the first time. It was so simply! That’s another thing I’ll be making up more often. I have a little left over so I’m anxious to eat it with carrots and celery tomorrow.
So maybe that can be YOUR challenge. Try a new recipe that takes you out of your ‘comfort’ zone. You might be surprised at how great it tastes!

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