Saturday, May 21, 2011

Challenge 2

Challenge #6 – May 22 – May 28 Try 3 new whole foods this week – ones you’ve never eaten before! A whole food is something that has one ingredient and is unprocessed and unrefined.
Some suggestions might be:
*Kale  - I’ve seen recipes about making Kale chips, might have to try this one!
*Collard Greens
* Papaya
* Brussels sprouts – personally this is the only vegetable I don’t care for.
* Bok Choy
* Spaghetti squash
* Watercress
* Eggplant
* Pine nuts
*  Pomegranate – And no Pomegranate martinis don’t count J
Obviously these are just a few to get you started but there are lots of new and unusual foods out there that I’m sure you haven’t tried yet. During the challenge it doesn’t matter how much you eat of the new food. You can eat it raw, cooked, grilled, etc.
This will be a great challenge for me because there are lots of new foods I haven’t tried. I usually shy away from a new food because I don’t know how to fix it or use it in a recipe, so I’ll have to do some “googling” for new recipes. Please share any great recipes you come across this week!
* Thought for the day*
Why is it, if you talk to God, you’re praying, but if God talks to you, you’re nuts?

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