Saturday, May 21, 2011

The sun is trying so hard to pop out from underneath the clouds. It makes a quick appearance; just enough for me to inhale it and then it’s gone again. I have faith that it will keep trying to burn off this heavy cloud cover and soon it will make a longer appearance. This morning I feel that Spring has actually arrived. After many days of rain and cool weather I see dandelions plentiful in our lawn and even though I know that means lots of work, it’s nice to see things growing and color coming back into the world. Dwight is avidly replanting trees that were killed during this last late ‘blizzard’ we had. The cold freezing rain/sleet/snow did some serious damage to lots of our trees. L I’m planting a few more flowers and honestly hope the wind stays down for a few days so they can take hold in their pots.
Today is the last day of Challenge #5 – No low fat, lite, reduced fat, or non fat foods.  If you participated in this challenge I think you may have been surprised how many of these foods we have in our homes, buying them with the idea of what we were eating was actually good for us-when in fact we would have been better off eating the ‘real’ food instead.
I’m curious if anyone tried Almond milk. ?????

* Thought of the day*
Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.- John Dewey

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