Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 14, 2011
We’ve always enjoyed camping and spending time at the lake and when we were first married we would drag coolers of food along with tents and sleeping bags and nearly everything else from the house and load it up in the car so we could spend a couple nights on the beach under the stars. My favorite times were the early mornings, before the rest of the world woke up, when I could sit outside the tent with my toes in the sand and just gaze across the lake at nothing but beauty – and also the fire we had every night where we roasted marshmallows until they were black where we created the most delicious smores imaginable and then found the constellations in the clear Nebraska sky. I loved to wait until everyone else had gone to bed and then I’d wrap up in a sleeping bag and sit next to the fire until I started nodding off. It took forever to unpack once we got home and I don’t think we ever really got all the sand out of everything, but it was worth every moment.  As long as I can remember, Dwight and I have talked about having a house at the lake. It was always one of those things we had on our “wish list” together. After 32 years, we finally took the plunge and purchased a house at McConaughy and we are going to love it! Jaxon spent the weekend at the lake with Papa and Grandma Nae and it was the first weekend of many memories for us. His favorite thing was to throw rocks in the water which we did for hours and hours. Such a simple thing and yet he could not have been happier.  I loved watching his innocence. One of my favorite times of the weekend was first thing in the mornings when Jaxon would wake up, when the sleep tried to hang on a bit longer, he would let me hold him and cuddle him as he played with my hair. And for just a short time there wasn’t a doubt in the world that things were exactly how they should be.  Somehow children have a way of removing the complexities of the world don’t they?

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  1. Oh Grammy.... how I love the picture you painted with words. Beautiful~ Peaceful~ Precious! I love reading your thoughts about your family!! You all are very BLESSED! Love ya!