Thursday, August 25, 2011

I found a story on "Zen Habits" and thought it would be the perfect thing to share this morning. I'm guilty of this far more than I'd like to admit. I've always been the one who plans WAY too much and if it doesn't work out exactly how I planned, it throws me off kilter. I'd like to think that I'm getting a bit better about things like that as I'm getting older. Actually, I've found that now that I have grandkids, life does look a little different to me. My kitchen floor isn't always clean, there's more dust on the furniture than there used to be, and if the counters aren't completely clear of clutter, I'm not freaking out about it as much. I try, I really do, to make myself stop and be present in the moment. Sounds silly I know, but I think I miss the most important moments because of other 'stuff' I think is more important at the time.

I have to share one such moment - moms and grandmas will understand this completely. Jaxon now has a new habit that whenever he has to poop, he needs books to read. (He is his father's child! Ha!) So we get stacks and stacks of books as he thumbs through each one as if seeing it for the first time. He'll say, "Oh, I love this book Grandma!!" with all the expression a 3 year old can muster. And I find that I can sit on the bathroom floor and watch a little boy look at books while sitting on the pot and feel like I'm the luckiest person in the world.

So today my friends, be present in the moment and count yourself as blessed.

The Tragedy of Missing Out - Zen Habits
A father and his son went fishing on a boat. The father helped his son reel in his first fish and it was a beauty. "Great catch son" the father said.    "Yes, but I'm worried I'm missing out on better fish," the son said. "What if I could catch a bigger tastier fish?"  "Maybe you should try," the father said.   And the son did, catching an even bigger fish an hour later. "A real beaut" the father said.    "But what if there are better fish out there?" the son asked.   "Maybe you should try," the father said.   And the son did, catching a bigger fish then wondering if there were better fish, catching another and so on.  At the end of the day, the son was exhaused. The father asked, "How did the fish taste?"   The son hesitated. "I don't know. I was so busy looking for better fish that I didn't taste any of them."    The fathere smiled, patted his belly and said, "Don't worry. They were delicious."

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